What is “Biyou-Jyutu”

What is “Biyou-Jyutu”

It is a fusion of traditional therapy & manipulative science x esthetics .

The goal is
With functional beauty and appearance beauty
A beautiful body full of vitality

In order to build a beauty switchthat is deep in the body, and to build a beauty with high basic strength that is not instant, and a stable and stable beauty with a solid foundation, it provides a variety of traditional therapies and physiology. Using esthetic techniques, we create functional beauty and appearance beauty very logically.

It may sound a little difficult, but it’s okay.
This is what everyone has!
(I have never met someone I don’t have)

The first thing to do is “purification”
Identify and cancel the original beauty, brightness, and health impediments .
Improves the natural healing power of all human beings, promotes the circulation of sputum, blood, and water, leads to stable autonomic nerves and deep breathing.

The next thing to do is “harmonize the skeleton”
There are various causes of body distortions (such as visceral fatigue, wrong muscle usage, injury history, daily posture, mental stress, etc.) Carefully canceling such causes one by one → Beautiful posture can be taken easily and naturally Invite you.

After suppressing these two points,

Pull out the charm that only that person has

To the beauty of only one

・ I never thought I could meet myself
・ I was giving up because I was already older, but I can still do it!
・ I didn’t think I had such a marshal
・ There was a cause of not having a small face in the leg!
・ I like myself more than myself when I was young
・ While only legs were never thin from a young age, it’s amazing!
・ Life is fun because there is no pain or upset and the quality of life improves.
・ Is it changed so much just being massaged well?
・ This response is amazing at once, and I am looking forward to seeing myself as I repeat it.

Many people have received many joyful voices.
(Honestly, I am always surprised by the high possibility of the human body)

Would you like to meet an unknown and unknown self?
If you become your “favorite self” in the mirror every day…
Life will change!

I am looking forward to seeing you.


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